Sunday, October 16, 2011

2011 wish list WRITE IT DOWN!

WAY BACK WHEN in 2007................almost 5 years ago ,  I made my first WISH LIST FOR WINS on this now defunct blog that was basically made for me to keep up with my wishes and wins. It was time consuming but interesting and fun in my spare time.  Reading the list now........... I see that many of the "wishes" that I had were GRANTED or BOUGHT with some clever resources/sales etc in some way or another.  I have decided to make a NEW WISH LIST but not make a separate contest type blog to accommodate it.  I will post it here and "over there, just for the nostalgia of it"  and then see how it all works out. 

There are NO RULES on these "lists" all you have to do is DREAM and write it down.

Sooooooooooo here is the list with a couple of repeats from the first.......... 

  • CAR ............any car..........for me
  • MAC computer so that I have something to put my nice photo software on....... yea still waiting on this
  • Kitchen Counters
  • Backyard makeover / help / courtyard style
  • Outdoor Kitchen / fireplace / pit / brick grill *have the perfect spot
  • DOORS (need two back doors / one front) would love a stained glass one
  • NEW leather office chair , have worn the other one out
  • IPAD   *gifted the last one that I won
  • GPS     *hubby has one I need one now
  • BIKE for me........ everyone got a new one but me , MY TURN
  • Landscaping help $/ supplies/ knowledge with the natural fence I have in mind for side yard
  • HOT TUB complete with installation
  • KYAK *small so that I can "carry" it for river next year
  • TRIPS :  any trips to travel
  • Mattress / Pillow top / king sized
  • new Bedroom Set
  • MONEY :)
  • Professional Organizing Service :) 
  • DYSON cleaner
  • Carpet replacement or repair for two rooms and / or hardwood for living room 
  • Bathroom Remodel for guest bathroom, needs it badly........
  • Brass Faucet replacement for my Antique Tub *has been broken 3-4 years now
  • OUTDOOR lights to replace the rusted ugly ones (3)
  • 2- Ceiling fans  (bedrooms)
  • Paint for about 1/2 of my house
  • double oven the new one !  :) 
  • drapes to replace the "material" hanging in the spare room and more drapes to replace the WAXED STAINED ones in the living room.
  • INK , can always use that
  • FLOWERS, CANDLES and other things to make my house smell good
  • RETREAT WEEK for my sister and I 
  • DENTAL care for my daughter (kelly)

thats the "starting place" for my wish list.............. I think I will add to it , as these are things that are "on the top of my head" or "tip of the tongue" I am sure there is much more I want.... LOL....... this is more of a "need" LOL

FEEL FREE to post your list too! :) pm me your link so I can read and maybe even get ideas

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