Wednesday, November 7, 2007


ITS ALREADY NOVEMBER 7 and I am just updating this blog!
OMG am I ever behind, sorry bout that! I have not entered ANY contests in a few weeks
and I am "jonesing" for some contest entering time, but my other passion (INTERNET GOOD DEALS) is PRIME TIME and I am almost finished Christmas Shopping for my HUGE list of recipients + a family or two that we adopt! I have sent in a HUGE stocking and I mean a small person could fit in it, to the school for our TROOPS! :) it runneth over with many goodies that I got FREE, CLOSE TO FREE OR WON ON THE NET! everyday, at least once I give thanks for the opportunities that I have to use a "luxury" item that cost me pennies on the dollar!

high five.........KHILLA who is my winning buddy! JOIN TODAY AND SEARCH 20x per
day for your chance to win with me! :)

NOVEMBER 4 $5 STARBUCKS CARD from another instant win a while back , this promptly went into DH wallet!

NOVEMBER 5 I rec'vd notice that I won a TOOL BELT via snail mail from this sweeps
HERE expired now, but they say play again next year! there were over 1500 prizes!
Fifth Prizes (1,500): RIDGID gear (ARV $16).

rec'vd $10 ARBYS GC from an instant win a while back cannot find the link but it is expired

NOVEMBER 7 TODAY I got an email................
from HERE
week #2 in OCTOBER I won this! :) WOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOO Your prize is described below: $100 Barnes and Noble Gift Card (Five Winners) Congratulations, and thanks for your participation!

ANOTHER EMAIL from entering a sweeps RECENTLY
its a gimmeee $5 off so I bought a $20 bear for a collector friend of mine
on sale for $10 shipped to me $12.xx which isn't bad at all for a cute bear!

OK ITS NOVEMBER 28 and I haven't had time to enter many contests :(
BOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO its hard to fit in when I am running
the shopping/freebies/deals website that COMMANDS my attention this time of year
but.............. WAIT I got a winning email moments ago
Dear Angela Henley,
For completing the entire American Express survey, your name was entered into a drawing to win $50.
We are pleased to announce that you are our winner! Congratulations, and we hope you continue to
work with American Express in the future.
I could use that!

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