Monday, April 2, 2007


I have never made a wishlist for my wins before, I really cannot even remember the last time I made a wishlist AT ALL! soooooooooo here goes nothing

People say that thinking positively and WRITING DOWN what you want is helpful is realizing your dreams, Its kinda of hard to begin, so I guess I will just start by thinking about things that I need to buy, think about buying etc.........
  • for the DH : New Gas Grill to replace the one we have now
  • Kitchen Counters, Stove or Flooring
  • Garage Addition for EVERYONE
  • CAR any car! I would love to win one, DREAMING HERE
  • a Trip to a US, MEXICO, ISLAND or CANADA desination
  • would love to win the DH a SPORTS related Trip
  • Kelly: a makeover/spa or photo shoot
  • Faith : ANYTHING , she is dying to win SOMETHING especially if it were to do with the DISNEY Channel stars: zack & coty, hannah montana etc FAITH HAS WON! YEA! not the disney stuff but a DVD and a Poster! YEA
  • WII or Playstation 3 esp. a WII OK CLOSE I finally won an XBOX 360!
  • New Computer: to replace the last one I won! :) WOW! I still cannot believe I won it, I love my desktop, there is nothing like it
  • Professional Waffle Maker (kitchenaid preferably!) BROKE DOWN AND BOUGHT THIS!
  • Ping Pong or Pool Table (for our future game room over the new garage!)
  • Pac Man machine
  • ANY attractions, restaurants or shows in New Orleans, North Carolina, Myrtle Beach,New York etc (places I would like to go this year) Can't argue with FREE entertainment now can you?
  • Christmas Gifts for my family & friends
  • Money is always good! YEA I won $100 ............. UPDATE $200 from TRANSFORM YOUR SUMMER! WOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO

Well the DAY after I made this list (a few days ago I had as DRAFT) I won $100! how is that for results? tooo funny! anyway this list is a LONG SHOT list but hey its TRUE that I would like to win these things............lets see what happens!

UPDATE working on those holiday gifts and doing well SO FAR! wish me luck!

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