Thursday, March 15, 2007


I got a letter in january 2007 that I was a winner in the COKE NASCAR CONTEST and that I won tickets to the NEXTEL CUP RACE IN CHARLOTTE
with letter in hand i ran outside to inform the DH that we were BIG WEINERS
(that is our inside joke around here........ I always say "I AM A WEINER" when I get a WIN NOTICE)

I showed him the letter, compared it to the contest rules and we started making plans for the BIG RACE! He is a bit of a race fan, I really am not, but I do like weekend trips and the hoopla and festive atmosphere.

ANYWAY .......... some time passed and I got this email that said SORRY BUT YOU WON "POLE NIGHT TICKETS" well, that is a long drive to go to QUALIFICATION and OMG that isn't even a RACE! what a disappointment! the sweeps boards that i frequent were all SWARMING with people complaining, emailing, calling COKE and letting them know in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS that they were MAD MAD MAD about the letter that mislead them. I decided I would NOT join the people that were overloading the phone lines etc but I would email them back and say "I am disappointed but thanks anyway"

AS OF THIS DATE i have not rec'vd a confirmation that they have rec'vd my email , but several people have emailed me that won BRISTOL race tickets saying that they are getting ACTUAL RACE TICKETS in addition to POLE NIGHT tickets too but for NEXT YEAR 2008
they also have the choice to attend the CHARLOTTE RACE THIS YEAR.......... so if they make good across the board, it looks like I will have a shot at going to the race after all!

WILL post an update on what I actually won when I find out , which appears to be about a week before the race, not enough time to make hotel reservations, but luckily my sister in law lives very near this race track!

I got a delivery this a.m. from DHL stating that I will get the ACTUAL RACE TICKETS!
I have to take to the GOING POSTAL store tomorrow and return the AFFY!

I also got the Pole Tickets but I will be unable to use these, so on CRAIGSLIST they go!
Sold the Pole Tickets for $20 shipped on EBAY instead! I made about $14 after shipping priority and paying ebay / paypal fees

MAY 14th
RECEIVED THE TICKETS! giving them to my DB for a GIFT he is THRILLED! :)

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