Sunday, March 18, 2007

Mail In Sweepstakes

It will cost ya a stamp (soon to be 41c for reg. envelope) to enter these but the payoff, well, it seems it is REALLY BIG! "Serious" sweeper like these contests because the odds are better (let me explain) than strictly an online contest.

I don't know about you, but for me it is so much easier to use robo-form and/or type to enter contests than to hand write my NAZT and hand address envelopes. This sentiment is usually the case, thereby eliminating most people from the competition and making it pretty much a competition among the serious sweepers. Of course this isn't ALWAYS true, and it does only take one entry to win, but I know personally and read about many who will literally hand address 100's of envelopes per night/week and mail them from "all over town" rather than from one mailbox. Now, these VERY SAME PEOPLE are winning $$, cars, plama tvs, trips and many huge prizes that we don't win as frequently by entering only the "online" sweeps.

On occasion, I will get a mail in sweepstakes that strikes my fancy and enter it, not just one time, but about 10 or 20 entries for the contest. That doesn't seem like a lot to those that enter these regularly, but for me it is alot! :) Recently I posted one of those sweepstakes in the newsletter for you to enter if you like.
LOWES CONTEST. I like this contest because there are over 3 MILLION PRIZES
so I feel that the odds are in "anyone's" favor! :) The other type of mail in entries that I like are SECOND CHANCE DRAWINGS and/or limited area drawings. I feel that they ALSO carry better odds than most mail in sweepstakes.

I have "sent for" codes or game pieces in the past and have been lucky a FEW times to actually win with one that was mailed to me rather than purchased on a product. This usually costs you extra with your SASE that must be enclosed, so make sure the product that you would have to buy, costs you much more than the 80c for postage both ways............ or you (that make sense or cents?) YEA FOR VERMONT SWEEPERS who only pay 1 way! NO STAMPED ENVIE NEEDED FOR RETURN!

I have a couple of great friends who enter the mail in sweeps with an "occasional" internet sweep - the exact opposite of me- but they win regularly and BIG, where I win occasionally and mostly "small" but it keeps me happy. This like anything else pays according to what you put in it, the more you play the more you get paid!

I really would love to win a CAR one day, it is one of the few things I haven't won. I see so many mail in sweepers winning these that it tempts me to invest some time, stamps and energy into these.

if you are interested in primarily MAIL IN SWEEPS try this service, I am a member of this site, but only for reviewing and OCCASIONAL entries, the owner is FRIENDLY and there is a GROUP to sign up for too. THERE ARE HUGE WINNERS ON THIS SITE!
the cost is not cheap.........but.........if you are SERIOUS about winning and win large prizes, you need a tax deduction, and this is tax deductible AGAINST YOUR WINNINGS (not to exceed winning amount)
$10 for 1 month
$36 for 6 months
$52 for a year
but there are ways to earn free issues, submitting contests & referring friends
IF YOU TELL JUDY I SENT YA I EARN AN ISSUE, not necessary but would be nice!

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