Thursday, March 15, 2007


Thinking back over the years and trying to classify what the LEADERS are is hard!

my BEST win ever was $2000 on the RADIO! it was thrilling to hear the recording award me the big bucks and even better when I picked it up! LOL it was a R&B station in Richmond and I was the big winner, lucky caller that got the money! This was a long time ago when $2000 was more like $5000 now. My kids were in need of new beds and they wanted water beds. we didn't have the money and when I won the $2000 I went straight away to buy the beds complete with linens and new comforters! These beds lasted them many years and I was thrilled to provide them. I paid a few bills, got tires for the car and some other things which I cannot remember but I remember VIVIDLY going to get the money! the people at the radio station gave me balloons, tshirts and the big check and told me to tell ALL OF MY FRIENDS TO LISTEN! :)

My first win came when I was just about 9 or 10 years old! I watched a TV show called BOZO which was a kids show with a clown and a dog puppet. I wanted to "be on the show" but my parents never had time to bring me anywhere and didn't consider this something they would be interested in doing for me. I was a "latch key" kid, and this was my afternoon entertainment, while babysitting my younger brother. They had this contest that you sent in a post card to the show , they put the cards in a barrel and the puppet drew out 12 cards a day and put them on a leader board. They then rolled dice and the winning card was announced. I had been on a school field trip to the circus. My parents didn't give me any spending money but a classmate had $20 WHOLE DOLLARS (was a lot back then) and she bought me a program which had POST CARDS IN IT! WOW! I sent in one of the post cards with a stamp I begged for from an adult neighbor! I watched everyday and then one day I saw the CIRCUS POST CARD on the leader board! They picked my card and i won a prize pack that included a shirt, passes to some local businesses (skating , fast food etc) and I thought I was the luckiest person alive!

BIGGEST WIN my biggest win (worth the most money) is my HUGE 52 inch big screen HITACHI TELEVSION which was worth about $5000 at the time I won it! Now it is worth a lot less......... but it is still in WORKING ORDER and in my living room! I really would like to win a flat screen to replace this now, save some much needed room...........but for now I will just be happy to have won such a great prize! the FUNNY thing is that the same month I also won a 2 inch screen TV, the largest and the smallest available at the time! :) it was TV MONTH!
BTW........ I won this from a MUSIC SITE........ HERE they still have monthly contests but most of the time they are music related! I entered this one 1x on the last day of that particular contest.

SMALLEST WIN EVER I guess my smallest win is a 10% off coupon that I won lately from NBA site. I was all excited to see a CONGRATULATIONS in my inbox and hurried to see what it was I won, my shoulders sunk as I read the news............ but my smallest tangible win has to be a MAGNET , I have won my share of these over the years, and I have been told that I get more excited over winning a magnet than most! :) Most recently I was a NASCAR SCHEDULE MAGNET from an instant win that is now over, I haven't gotten it yet, but HEY a win is a win right?

MOST INTERESTING WIN: my most interesting win was last year. 2006. I was chosen to be one of the 88 friends pictured on a RACE CAR! Kyle Petty was celebrating and saluting their following by featuring fans on 2 race cars. I was 1/44 pictured on one car during FAN FEST which was a big race. I got an autographed poster and a copy of the decal that was used with my picture. I was interviewed by our local paper, the Powhatan Today, and so was my DH!

MOST SATISFYING WIN I remember this SO VERY WELL, like it was yesterday.......
I was 17 years old and married, living in New Orleans and sitting on the bed playing a board game with my husband at the time. Now you have to know that this man that I was married to at such a young age, happens to be one of the most CYNICAL people in the WORLD! He was a "nay sayer" and thought everybody was out to get over on you and contests were "rigged." I was telling him about my contest wins in the past and he said something along the lines of "they picked you to win because you were a cute little girl" not because you won "square and fair." I vehemently disagreed with him and tried to convince him that all you have to do to win is ENTER and you have just as much chance as anyone else. Well, we had the radio on and this radio station "WRNO" was giving away a Beatles Collectors Set randomly to caller #? during the day, it was being advertised. I listened carefully and when the Beatles song started playing I picked up the phone and started dialing. I won that contest right there as he shook his head in disbelief, thinking I was playing a joke to prove a point. He almost fell off the bed when my voice started playing on the radio speaker. It was a Saturday when I won. He said "lets go pick it up now" I told him that you had to go during the week and his reply was promptly "oh yea, they do it like that so that working people can't go in to pick it up, hoping you never collect your prize." On Monday I called the station and they said I could pick it up until 6:00 any weekday. That same day I was there by 5:30 and couldn't wait to bring it home. Everyone wanted this album set that saw it, It was one of my proudest wins and most satisfying wins ever. :)

Cheryl Free (don't you love her name?) my online buddy in INDIANA won a trip to DISNEY LAND in California with a "meet & greet" with movie stars including Jim Belushi, Drew Carey, John Ritter and others. She chose me to go with her on the trip, meeting at the airport in Detroit and off for a 3 day trip filled with fun and adventure! This was absolutely the best shared win ever, we had a Great time, took lots of good pics and we each got a huge hug from Jim Belushi too!

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